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The Yenidze cigarette factory was in Dresden and was named after a town in Turkey where tobacco was produced.  It was designed by Martin Hammitzsch in 1909 and was distinctive in that it was built to look like a mosque. It had a glass cupola and a chimney disguised as a minaret.  It is still around today and is generally known as the "Tobacco Mosque". It was restored in the 1990s and reopened in November 1996 as an office building, the name Yenidze still displayed prominently on the dome. It also houses restaurants and a discotheque. Old Salem factory in Dresden

The company started issuing cigarette cards in 1927 with Die Welt in Bildern (The World in Pictures) Album 1. These were issued in packets of Salem 4Pf and Minaret 5Pf cigarettes. Probably during this time the marketing name of the company was changed to Salem as the series is listed as having been issued under both the Yenidze and Salem names. Certainly by the time Die Welt in Bildern, Album 2 was issued, the cards gave the name of the issuer as the Salem Cigarette Factory, although the cigarettes were still known as Salem and Minaret. However this changed during the lifetime of this series as some cards indicate that they were issued with Salem 4Pf and Auslese 5Pf cigarettes. These names remained until the issue of Album 6 in 1931, when it appears that Salem cigarettes were renamed Salem Gold and the cards stopped giving the price. Subsequently it seems that the price of the cigarettes dropped to three and a third Pfennigs. The cigarettes were still known as Salem and came in two varieties with a gold mouthpiece and without a mouthpiece. After Reemtsma pictures, Salem cards along with Eckstein-Halpaus are one of the commonest makes of cards to be found today.

Köberich lists the set "Gold Filmbilder Album 3". I have never seen this set and I do not know anyone who has. I suspect the set does not exist. Filmbilder Album 3 has a red cover like Goldfilm 1 and 2 and possibly one might think it is a Goldfilm album, especially if it had the wrong cards stuck in it. If anyone has any cards from this set, please let me know. Until then I will not list this set.

SALEM - alphabetical list of titles
Name Album title
(if different)
Year of issue No. in set Size (mm)
Auf deutscher Scholle
(On German soil)
  1935 270 48x62
Bunte Filmbilder Album 7
(Coloured movie pictures, Album 7)
  Type 1, no album clause
  Type 2a, album clause, gloss pictures
  Type 2b, album clause, matt pictures
  1935 275 52x62
Bunte Welt, Die
(The colourful world)
  1931 270 40x58
Deutsche Kolonien
(German colonies)
  1936 270 48x62
Deutsche Reichsmarine
(German navy (1919-1935))
  1933 294 52x62
Deutsche Wehrmacht, Die
(The German armed forces (after 1935))
  1936 270 48x62
Deutscher Sport
(German sport)
  1934 286 52x62
(Movie pictures)
  1931 210 28x50
Filmbilder Album 2 
(Movie pictures, Album 2)
  1932 210 28x50
Filmbilder Album 3
(Movie pictures, Album 3)
  1932 240 40x60
Gold Filmbilder Album 1
(Gold movie pictures, Album 1)
  1933? 180 40x60
Gold Filmbilder Album 2
(Gold movie pictures, Album 2)
  1933? 270 40x60
Kampf um's dritte Reich
(Struggle for the third reich)
  1933 273 48x62
Staat der Arbeit und des Friedens, Der
(The country of work and peace)
  1934 310 48x62
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 1
(The world in pictures, Album 1)
  1927 144 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 2 
(The world in pictures, Album 2)
  1928 144 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 3
(The world in pictures, Album 3)
  1928 156 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 4
(The world in pictures, Album 4)
  1929 156 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 5
(The world in pictures, Album 5)
Aus Deutschlands Vogelwelt
(Germany's bird world)
1930 180 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 6
(The world in pictures, Album 6)
Flaggen Europas
(European flags)
1931 200 43x60
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 7
(The world in pictures, Album 7)
Flaggen der Welt
(Flags of the world)
1932 200 43x60
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 8
(The world in pictures, Album 8)
Historische Fahnen
(Historical flags)
1932 240 43x60
Weltkrieg, Der
(The world war)
  1937 270 48x62
(Tin soldiers)
  1935 93 -

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