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Der Weltkrieg

The World War

German "Sturmwagen"  
Card front
The album for the set

Issued by: Austria, British-American Tobacco, Haus Bergmann, Bulgaria, Constantin, Eckstein-Halpaus, Garbáty, Greiling, Jasmatzi, Josetti, Kyriazi, Lande, Haus Neuerburg, Salem, Waldorf-Astoria, Yosma, "Wappengold"
Date of issue: 1937
No. in set: 270 + text variations
Size: 48x62mm
Köberich No. 22664,14
World Index: A920-360, B317-900, B709-825, B891-800, C769-920, E165-880, G090-790, G800-520, J400-900, J915-920, K954-900, L100-700, N374-80, S033-920, W080-580, W140-900, Y440-780

The title refers of course to the first world war. This would have been clearer in 1937 since at the time there had only been one. The series follows the history of the first world war from the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz-Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914 to the cease fire in November 1918. The titles on the reverse of the cards are followed by the date in brackets of the event depicted.

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Austria BAT
Haus Bergmann Does this version exist?* Brinkmann
Bulgaria Constantin
Eckstein-Halpaus Garbáty
Greiling (a) Greiling (b)
Jasmatzi Josetti
Kyriazi Lande
Haus Neuerburg Salem
Waldorf-Astoria Yosma

* Some catalogues mention a Brinkmann issue which I have never seen. I suspect this actually refers to the Yosma issue and is derived from Köberich who considers Brinkmann and Yosma to be the same despite the different names on the backs of the cards.

Errors and Variations:

Quite a few cards mis-spell the source of the pictures. All cards from Hankel/Haeckel seem to be affected.

On card 177 the load (Nutzlast) of the plane was misprinted.


The backs of three cards were changed, apparently for political reasons, although the corresponding fronts are the same.


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