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Filmfotos, Serie 3, Filmbilder, Serie III

Film photos, series 3, Movie pictures, series 3

Issued by: Jasmatzi, Salem
Date of issue: 1933
No. in set: 240 (numbered 241 - 480)

This set was issued both by Jasmatzi and Salem and contains 240 real photos of film stars. Although both referred to it as series 3, neither company appears to have issued two corresponding preceding series 1 and 2. The Salem Filmbilder series 1 and 2 are obviously not related, being of different format and numbering (1-210, 211-420). The Jasmatzi Ramses Filmbilder series 1 are of the same format but numbered 1-240 so that series 3 appears to follow on directly from series 1.

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