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Goldfilm Series 1

Issued by: Bulgaria, Constantin, Salem
No. in set: 180
Date of issue: 1933?

Köberich (1997) lists Danziger Tabakmonopol, Delta and Sulima as well. I have not seen any of these three. The Danziger cards would presumably be rare in Germany anyway. Delta and Sulima were in some way linked and for example one version of the Welt in Bildern 5 cards has both names on. I doubt whether this version exists. Köberich gives the date of issue as 1933 for the Salem version and 1934 for the Sulima version.

The cards all show single stars. However the album contains four scenes from movies. I did a search in the Internet Movie Database for these and found they were all released in 1932. This points to a date of 1932 or 1933. Weiß Ferdl appears in the set (see card 4) and according to the IMDb his earliest film was 1934. However I have found other sets including Weiss Ferdl where all indications are that they were issued before 1934, so it is more likely that the IMDb is incomplete in this respect. Certainly I have found several films mentioned in cigarette cards which were not in the IMDb.

I also found that some of the names given are spelled differently to the ones in the data base. The spellings I give are those on the cards.


The series consists of 180 pictures of the film stars of the day. It contains quite a few Hollywood stars, as well as the best of Babelsberg and other European stars. The cards are based on the publicity photos released by the studios. However these were generally black and white, and for this series they have been coloured by hand and given gold backgrounds.

Loretta Young´s dangly bits It is interesting to compare these pictures with the black and white originals which were issued in other series such as the Josetti Filmbilder. Sometimes parts of the original picture have been painted out with the gold background. For example Peggy Shannon on card 69 has had her hair style shortened, Loretta Young on card 121 has lost part of the dangly things she is wearing, and Hertha Thiele on card 162 has ended up with a peculiar wispy ear where part of her hair covering her ear in the original picture has been painted out leaving only the originally exposed parts of her ear showing. In each case, the full original picture can be seen faintly under the gold overprinting. It is not clear whether this was intended as a way of "improving" the pictures, or whether the artist was just too lazy to paint around all the "fiddly" bits.

Bulgaria Constantin Salem


Bulgaria, Truus van Aalten
Constantin, Willy Fritsch (card 6)
Salem, Käthe von Nagy (card 90)

The albums for the series are in photo-album style with gold cord and tassles. Originally they were covered in cellophane but this is invariably missing, the only trace of it being two strips of adhesive inside the album covers.

The albums have a picture on the cover based on the cards in the set but in a larger format. Various different ones exist. So far I have seen five different ones on the Salem album:
Werner Fuetterer (48), Norma Shearer (66), Olga Tschechowa (77), Käthe von Nagy (90), and Truus van Aalten (111)
and Willy Fritsch (6) on the Constantin album.

Check list

1Fritz Schulz 61Max Adalbert 121Loretta Young
2Lilian Harvey 62Jenny Jugo 122June MacCloy
3Lilian Harvey 63Anna Sten 123Barbara Weeks
4Weiss Ferdl 64Hermann Thimig 124June Collyer
5Lee Parry 65Charles Rogers 125Iwan Petrovich
6Willy Fritsch 66Norma Shearer 126Jackie Coogan
7Willy Fritsch 67Norma Shearer 127Ronald Colman
8Elisabeth Bergner 68Charles Farrell 128Victor McLaglen
9Frances Dee 69Peggy Shannon 129Fay Wray
10Greta Garbo 70Harold Lloyd 130Will Rogers
11Greta Garbo 71Buster Keaton 131Billie Dove
12Dorothy Jordan 72Mary Pickford 132Jack Buchanan
13Constance Bennett 73Charlotte Ander 133John Barrymore
14Ramon Novarro 74Heinrich George 134Vilma Banky
15Ramon Novarro 75Luis Trenker 135Richard Arlen
16Lupe Velez 76Rosy Barsony 136Mary Duncan
17Otto Gebühr 77Olga Tschechowa 137Tom Mix
18Brigitte Helm 78Anny Ondra 138Douglas Fairbanks
19Brigitte Helm 79Anny Ondra 139Clive Brook
20Rudolf Forster 80Lil Dagover 140Barbara Kent
21Leni Riefenstahl 81Harry Liedtke 141Dorothy Mackaill
22Gustav Fröhlich 82Camilla Horn 142Sylvia Sidney
23Gustav Fröhlich 83Camilla Horn 143Claudette Colbert
24Henny Porten 84Georg Alexander 144Don José Mojica
25Conchita Montenegro 85La Jana 145Thalme Todd
26Adolphe Menjou 86Felix Bressart 146George O'Brien
27Lewis Stone 87Paul Hörbiger 147Lilian Bond
28Carole Lombard 88Grete Mosheim 148Warner Oland
29Chester Morris 89Peter Voss 149William Powell
30Marlene Dietrich 90Käthe von Nagy 150Jacqueline Logan
31Marlene Dietrich 91Käthe von Nagy 151Jack Trevor
32Gary Cooper 92Albert Bassermann 152Dolores Del Rio
33Max Hansen 93 Oskar Homolka 153Nils Asther
34Liane Haid 94Gitta Alpar 154Theodor Loos
35Liane Haid 95Greta Nissen 155Mady Christians
36Walther Rilla 96Conrad Veidt 156Agnes Esterhazy
37Nora Gregor 97Dolly Haas 157Werner Krauss
38Hans Adalbert von Schlettow 98Alphons Fryland 158Marcella Albani
39Hans Adalbert von Schlettow 99Albert Préjean 159Gösta Ekman
40Lissi Arna 100Annabella 160Elga Brink
41Marta Eggerth 101Ursula Grabley 161Paul Richter
42Emil Jannings 102Charlotte Susa 162 Hertha Thiele
43Emil Jannings 103Charlotte Susa 163Maria Paudler
44Anna May Wong 104Magda Schneider 164Walter Janssen
45Ernst Verebes 105Friedel Schuster 165Heinz Ruehmann
46Renate Müller 106Lien Deyers 166Sue Carol
47Dorothea Wieck 107Lien Deyers 167Mary Brian
48Werner Fuetterer 108Dita Parlo 168Oskar Karlweis
49George Bancroft 109Hans Stuewe 169Anita Dorris
50Jeanette Mac Donald 110Truus van Aalten 170Paul Morgan
51Jeanette Mac Donald 111Truus van Aalten 171Siegfried Arno
52Clark Gable 112Willi Forst 172Gerda Maurus
53Madge Evans 113Mona Maris 173Jean Arthur
54Maurice Chevalier 114Hoot Gibson 174Warner Baxter
55Maurice Chevalier 115Anita Page 175Richard Barthelmess
56Nancy Carroll 116Robert Montgomery 176Ruth Chatterton
57Lucie Englisch 117James Hall 177Richard Dix
58Hans Albers 118Mitzi Green 178Betty Bird
59Hans Albers 119Duncan Renaldo 179Marion Davies
60Trude Berliner 120Gloria Swanson 180Iwan Mosjukin

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