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Die deutsche Wehrmacht

The German armed forces (after May 1935)

Card front
Album cover.
There are two versions with blue and brown spines.

Issued by: Haus Bergmann, British-American Tobacco, Bulgaria, Constantin, Eckstein, Garbáty, Greiling, Jasmatzi, Josetti, Lande, Haus Neuerburg, Salem, Waldorf-Astoria, Yosma
No. in set: 270
Date of issue:1936

Haus Bergmann B.A.T.
Bulgaria Constantin
Eckstein-Halpaus Garbáty
  Greiling(a) Greiling(b)
Jasmatzi Josetti

(Mfr. upper and lower case)

(Mfr. all capitals)
Haus Neuerburg Salem
Waldorf-Astoria Yosma

Errors and variations.

Some cards have different text on the backs, although the fronts show the same picture.

First version describes crawling while the second describes gymnastics.
Both cards show soldier doing press-ups.
First back describes erecting telegraph lines whereas the other describes dismantling them.

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