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Deutsche Kolonien

German Colonies

Issued by: Austria, Haus Bergmann, British American Tobacco, Bulgaria, Constantin, Eckstein-Halpaus, Garbáty, Greiling, Jasmatzi, Josetti, Kyriazi, Lande, Salem, Waldorf-Astoria, Yosma
Date of issue: 1936 (Köberich)
No. in set: 270

The cards show hand-drawn scenes from the German colonies and typical native objects. Germany was fairly late on the scene as far as being a colonial power is concerned. The album laments that by the time Germany decided it needed colonies, all the good ones had been taken by other nations. Nevertheless, colonies are important as it means being able to obtain raw materials without having to pay for them. Having become a colonial power comparatively late, Germany then proceeded to lose it's colonies again at the end of the first world war.

The album has a brown cover with an embossed picture of a native and a colonial soldier. A similar picture appears on the back of the cards.

Austria Haus Bergmann
B.A.T. Bulgaria
  Constantin Eckstein-Halpaus
Garbáty Greiling
Jasmatzi Josetti

(Brand name in wide font)

(Brand name in narrow font)
Waldorf-Astoria Yosma

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