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The Bulgaria cigarette company was situated in Dresden. Most of Bulgaria's issues appear to have been joint issues with other manufacturers. Some were only with one or two other manufacturers although Bulgaria also took part in quite a few series which are considered general issues of the tobacco industry. Köberich also lists Goldfilm 2 and 3 under Bulgaria. I have never seen Bulgaria versions of these sets and so have left them out of the list. I will add them if anyone can provide me with examples of the cards.

Name Album title (if different) Year of issue No. in set Size (mm)
Auf deutscher Scholle
(On German soil (farming))
  1935 270 48x62
Bulgaria Sport Photos   1932 272 40x60
Bunte Filmbilder Album 7
(Coloured movie pictures, Album 7)
  1935 275 52x62
Deutsche Kolonien
German colonies
  1936 270 48x62
Deutsche Wehrmacht, die
(The German armed forces (after 1935))
  1936 270 48x62
Deutscher Sport
(German sport)
  1934 286 52x62


Ruhmreiche Fahnen deutscher Geschichte
(Glorious flags of German history)
1932 256 43x60
Filmbilder   1931 210 28x50
Filmbilder Album 2   1932 210 28x50
Gold Filmbilder Album 1   1933 180 39x60
Kampf um's dritte Reich
(Fight for the third reich)
  1933 273 48x62
Staat der Arbeit und des Friedens, der
(The country of work and peace)
  1934 310 48x62
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 1
(The world in pictures, album 1)
  1927 144 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 2
(The world in pictures, album 2)
  1928 144 40x58
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 6
(The world in pictures, album 6)
  1931 200 42x60
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 7
(The world in pictures, album 7)
  1932 200 42x60
Welt in Bildern, Die, Album 8
(The world in pictures, album 8)
  1932 240 43x60
Weltkrieg, der
(The World War)
  1937 270 48x62


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