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The Yramos Zigarettenfabrik was in Dresden, and according to the card backs was founded in 1890. In 1932 the company, owned by Julius and Hermann Lewin, moved to Laubestraße, taking over the old Lande factory which was left empty when Lande moved to Junghansstraße. The company was independent and fought against the process of amalgamation which was going on in the tobacco industry.

After 1933 the turnover dropped drastically as a result of anti-Jewish boycots. The Lewins did everything they could to fight against this and even employed Jews who had become unemployed as a result of discrimination. Many of the employees worked in the Jewish resistance which resulted in a large police raid in 1937. Following this the Lewins sold the company and from 1. April 1938 Yramos became a "pure aryan company".

List of issues
Name Year of issue No. in set Size (mm)
List incomplete      
Bilder Zoo, Serie C 1933 200  
Deutsche Heimat, Serie I
(German homeland, series 1)
1937 175 ?
Deutsche Heimat, Serie II
(German homeland, series 2)
1937 150 ?
Deutsche Heimat, Serie B
(German homeland, series D)
1932 150 ?
Deutsche Heimat, Serie D
(German homeland, series D)
1933 240 ?
Deutsche Heimat, Serie E
(German homeland, series E)
1934 286? ?
Deutsche Heimat im Buntbild, Serie F
(German homeland in colour, series F)
1934 280 ?
Erfinder, Erfindungen und Entdeckungen, Serie A
Inventors, inventions and discoveries
1932 150  
Schönheit im Spiegel 1934 36  
? ? ?
Winter Olympiade 1936, Serie A      

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