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Issued by: Yramos
Date of issue: ?
No. in set: ?

These embroideries depict soldiers. They came in a partially transparent "Tauschbeutel" (exchange bag). I don't know how many different ones there were. 50 unopened packets could be exchanged for larger embroideries. There were six different larger embroideries available:
a) 1 Schilderhaus und 2 Kavalleristen zu Pferd
(1 sentry box and 2 mounted cavalry men)
b) 3 Kavalleristen zu Pferd
(3 mounted cavalry men)
c) 1 Trainwagen
(1 Supply waggon)
d) 1 Feldküche (mit Gespann)
(1 field kitchen with horses)
e) 1 Geschütz (ohne Gespann)
(1 gun without horses)
f) 1 Gespann zum Geschütz
(1 set of horses for gun)

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