Yosma Zigarettenfabrik Bremen. Produced Alva brand cigarettes. Köberich (1997) lists Yosma cigarettes under Brinkmann and Ciolina (Reklamebilder) also refers to cards with the "Yosma" name on as being from Brinkmann. However the Cartophilic Society lists them separately and the two companies do seem to be distinct in so far as some sets (see e.g. Auf deutscher Scholle) exist in both versions. I hope to clarify the matter one day. For the moment, I will list the two companies separately as the two names exist separately, even if the companies were somehow related. I'm not sure however whether the embroideries and playing cards are Brinkmann or Yosma.

Name Year of issue No. in set Size (mm)
Alles für Deutschland ¹
(Everything for Germany)
1934 360 ?
Alva Satin Flaggen
("Alva" satin flags)
1934 120 ?
Auf deutscher Scholle
(On German soil)
1935 270 ?
Aus dem Leben der Indianer
(Life of the red indians)
1934 240 ?
Deutsche Kolonien
(German Colonies)
1936 270 ?
Deutsche Wehrmacht, Die
(The German armed forces (after 1935))
1936 270 ?
Fahnen und Standartenträger I
(Flags and standard bearers I)
1933 192 ?
Fahnen und Standartenträger II
(Flags and standard bearers II)
1933 206 ?
Handarbeit aus Alva Satin-Flaggen
(Handicrafts with "Alva" satin flags)
? 11 ?
Männer im dritten Reich
(Men in the third reich)
? 235 ?
(Silk embroidery)
? 36 ?
Spielkarten mit preußichem Bild?
(Playing cards with prussian pictures)
? 36 ?
Wer führt das dritte Reich
(Who leads the third reich)
? 250 ?
Weltkrieg, der
(The world war)
1937 270 ?
Wie die anderen gerüstet sind ²
(How the others are armed)
? 300 ?

¹ The content of the two series Alles für Deutschland and Deutschland hoch in Ehren is the same. However card 359 was changed from Röhm to Stahlhelmtag

² The content of the two series Das waffenstarrende Ausland and Wie die anderen gerüstet sind is the same but the card format is different.

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