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Movie pictures, sound film series (album 3)

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The series consists of 168 pictures of the film stars of the day. The pictures are in the form of real photos. This was the third album in the Filmbilder (movie pictures) series. Like albums 1 and 2, this series contains 168 pictures. The numbering follows on from the previous ones.

Date of issue

The set contains groups of pictures depicting several movies. I checked the IMDb and all of these were listed as 1930, making the date of issue probably 1930 or 1931.

Check list

337Lilian Harvey 397Renate Müller 457Emil Jannings/Renate Müller
338Lilian Harvey 398Charlotte Susa 458Renate Müller/Emil Jannings
339Lilian Harvey 399Lucie Englisch 459Truus van Aalten/Emil Jannings
340Lilian Harvey 400Camilla Horn 460Still from "Dreyfus"
341Lilian Harvey 401Charlotte Ander 461Fritz Kortner
342Lilian Harvey 402Mady Christians 462Still from "Dreyfus"
343Willy Fritsch 403Betty Bird 463Eugenie Nikolaiewa
344Willy Fritsch 404Evelyn Brent 464Marianne Winkelstern
345Willy Fritsch 405Bebe Daniels 465Käthe von Nagy
346Willy Fritsch 406Charles Rogers 466Walter Janssen
347Willy Fritsch 407Tom Mix 467Hans Stüwe
348Willy Fritsch 408Buster Keaton 468Max Hansen
349Lilian Harvey/Willy Fritsch 409Hans Albers 469Walther Jankuhn
350Lilian Harvey/Willy Fritsch 410Charlotte Susa 470Jackie Coogan
351Lilian Harvey/Willy Fritsch 411Hans Albers 471Ernst Verebes
352Betty Amann/Werner Fuetterer 412Hans Albers/Charlotte Susa 472Walther Rilla
353Marion Nixon/John Barrymore 413Charlotte Susa 473Maria Elsner
354Lilian Ellis/Werner Fuetterer 414Hans Albers/Charlotte Susa 474Oskar Karlweis
355Marlene Dietrich 415Evelyn Holt 475Clara Bow
356Marlene Dietrich 416Evelyn Holt 476Harry Piel
357Marlene Dietrich 417Evelyn Holt 477Vilma Banky
358Marlene Dietrich 418Anny Ondra 478Hans Heinz Bollmann
359Marlene Dietrich 419Anny Ondra 479Gretl Theimer
360Marlene Dietrich 420Anny Ondra 480Harry Frank
361Marlene Dietrich/Emil Jannings 421Jan Kiepura 481Anita Dorris
362Emil Jannings 422Richard Tauber 482Laura La Plante
363Marlene Dietrich/Emil Jannings 423Leo Schützendorf 483Agnes Esterhazy
364Marlene Dietrich/Gary Cooper 424Lil Dagover 484Iwan Petrovich
365Marlene Dietrich/Charlie Chaplin 425Dita Parlo 485Maurice Chevalier
366Marlene Dietrich/Adolphe Menjou 426Grete Mosheim 486Fritz Schulz
367Greta Garbo 427Still from "Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" 487Truus van Aalten
368Greta Garbo 428Still from "Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" 488John Barrymore
369Greta Garbo 429Still from "Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" 489Lily Damita
370Greta Garbo 430Still from "Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" 490Nils Asther
371Greta Garbo 431Still from "Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" 491Charles Farrell
372Greta Garbo 432Still from "Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" 492Fritz Kampers
373Greta Garbo 433Billie Dove 493Elga Brink
374Nils Asther/Greta Garbo 434Ramon Novarro 494Jenny Jugo
375Greta Garbo/Lew Ayres 435Nancy Carroll 495Claire Rommer
376Norma Shearer 436Ramon Novarro 496Carl Ludwig Diehl
377Norma Shearer 437Marilyn Miller 497Peter Voß
378Norma Shearer 438Ramon Novarro 498Adolphe Menjou
379Brigitte Helm 439Liane Haid 499Käthe Dorsch
380Brigitte Helm 440Liane Haid 500Paul Morgan
381Brigitte Helm 441Liane Haid 501Dolores Del Rio
382Brigitte Helm 442Igo Sym 502Dolly Haas
383Brigitte Helm 443Igo Sym 503Gustav Diesel/Mady Christians
384Brigitte Helm 444Igo Sym 504Olga Tschechowa
385Brigitte Helm/Jan Kiepura 445Lien Deyers
386Jan Kiepura/Brigitte Helm 446Lien Deyers
387Brigitte Helm/Georg Alexander 447Lien Deyers
388Luis Trenker 448Lien Deyers
389Luis Trenker 449Lien Deyers
390Luis Trenker 450Lien Deyers
391Werner Fuetterer 451Maria Paudler
392Werner Fuetterer 452Emil Jannings
393Werner Fuetterer 453Anna May Wong
394Gustav Froehlich 454Willi Forst
395Gustav Froehlich 455Lotte Lorring
396Gustav Froehlich 456Wilhelm Dieterle

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