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Issued by: Waldorf-Astoria, Zuban
Date of issue: 1933
No in set: 287
Errors and Variations: Two different versions of card no. 49 are known:

Card 49, version 1 Card 49, version 2

Usually considered to be a Waldorf-Astoria set, it appears that a Zuban version of the set also exists. Presumably this was issued after the two companies amalgamated, although I'm not sure when that was. Two different Waldorf-Astoria card backs are known. Type 1 gives the location of the company as Munich and notes that albums for the series are available for the price of one Mark. Type 2 does not give the company location, and also notes that missing cards from earlier collections can be obtained in exchange for Orden cards. However it appears that any given card has only one of the backs and the complete Waldorf set comprises a mixture of type 1 and type 2 backs. The Zuban version (type 3) notes that the series is issued jointly with Waldorf Astoria from whom the album can also be obtained.

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3

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