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Wer führt das dritte Reich?/Männer im dritten Reich

Who governs the third reich?/Men in the third reich

Man with a wierd haircut

Issued by: Yosma
No in set: 235-250
Date of issue: 1934

This set shows the leaders of the Third Reich. Initially a set of 250 cards, it was reduced to 238 after the "night of the long knives" and subsequently to 237. After this the set was reissued as "Männer im dritten Reich" (men in the third reich) with 236 cards which was then reduced to 235.

In the 237-card version the numbers 7, 48, 60, 96, 100, 118, 121, 124, 140, 155, 185, 207 and 209 were removed. Obviously one of these was not removed in the 238-card version, but I don't know which.

In the 235-card version cards 34 and 221 were additionally removed. Once again I don't know which of these two was still in the 236-card version.

250 cards 238 cards
237 cards ver. 1
237 cards ver. 2
  Back236.jpg Back235.jpg  
  236 cards 235 cards  

Errors and Variations:

Some of the cards were changed as the subjects became more "handsome" with time :-)

Card 146

Heim | Back

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