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Olympia 36, Band 1

Olympia 36, Vol. 1



Issued by: Reemtsma
Date of issue: 1936
No. in set: 175
Size: 80mm x 120mm, 120mm x 170mm

The first volume of Olympia 36 shows scenes from the 1936 winter Olympics held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The set comprises 150 smaller cards and 25 "double-format" cards, although they are actually a bit more than twice that size. Some of the cards are black and white and some are coloured. There appear to have been at least two issues. Some cards refer to Olypmia 1936 volume I and others refer to both volumes I and II on the back. Some of the cards which were in colour in the first printing are in black and white in the second.



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