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Zeppelin Weltfahrten III

Zeppelin world journeys 3

Issued by: Greiling
No. in set: 155
Date of issue: 1937

Following the success of the LZ127 Graf Zeppelin, Germany planned to set up a network of long-distance air routes served by Zeppelins. The first of these new Zeppelins was the LZ129 Hindenburg. The set documents the building of the LZ129 and associated infrastructure. The new Frankfurt airport is shown with its new zeppelin hangar as well as the new hangar in Rio de Janiero. The last two cards of the set show the start of construction of the Hindenburg's sister ship, the LZ130 Graf Zeppelin 2.

The LZ129 and the LZ130 were the largest flying object ever built. The planned LZ131 and LZ132 would have been even bigger. Sadly the dream came to a premature end when the Hindenburg exploded during landing in Lakehurst in 1937. An investigation at the time of the disaster indicated that the fire was caused by a build up of static electricity caused by the non-conductive covering. The covering was highly imflammable and it was this which had initially caught fire rather than the hydrogen with which the LZ129 was filled. The LZ130, which was not complete at the time, was modified to use a different outer skin but never went into full scale passenger service. LZ127, LZ130 and partially complete LZ131 were subsequently scrapped.

The set of cards was issued in 1937, just before the Hindenburg disaster. Presumably the set was withdrawn as a result of the tragedy. At least it is very rare, implying it wasn't around for very long, and anyone who has one can consider themselves very lucky.

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