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Zeppelin Weltfahrten II

Zeppelin world journeys 2

Graf Zeppelin over Barcelona. Image kindly provided by Peter Hotz

Issued by: Greiling
No. in set: 156
Date of issue: 1934

This is the second collection of pictures of the Graf Zeppelin. The set starts off with a group of pictures illustrating zeppelins during WW1 and continues with a series of views taken from the Graf Zeppelin on various journeys made from 1929 to 1933.

The Graf Zeppelin is shown with Greiling's own "Club" airship flying over Dresden
A glacier as photographed from the Graf Zeppelin


There are at least three different backs to the cards. One day I'll have time to scan them in.

The images on this page were kindly provided by Peter Hotz.

Image kindly provided by Peter Hotz The album for the series


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