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"Tarso" Holzbilder

"Tarso" wood pictures

Issued by: Garbáty, Berlin
No. in set: 84
Date of issue: 1932 (Köberich)

Köberich gives the number of different patterns as 126, whereas the text on the back indicates there are 84. Maybe there is a second series that I have not yet seen.

This is not a series of pictures. Rather it is a series of patterns printed on wood to simulate wood inlay work. The name "Tarso" is derived from "Intarsien", the German for marquetry. The idea was the squares could be stuck on furniture to decorate it. As well as collecting the various patterns it was possible to buy wooden jewelery boxes etc. to stick them on.

Cards were issued giving suggestions of what one could make with the Tarso pictures. The one illustrated shows a newspaper holder. Quite where you're supposed to put the newspaper I'm not sure, but it looks nice.

One day I'll manage to compile a list of all Tarso patterns.

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