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Unter dem Olympia-Banner, Album 2

Under the Olympic flag, Album 2

Winners medal

Issued by: Aurelia
Date of issue: 1936
No. in set: 150 (numbering follows on from album 1)

This set follows on from set 1 and is nominally a set of 150 cards. I have cards with numbers up to 485 implying that originally at least 285 cards were planned for this album (the first 200 belong to album 1). Most of the higher numbers have lower numbers applied over them with a rubber stamp, indicating that the size of the set was reduced and the cards renumbered after production had started. I have some cards where the higher numbers have not been changed however. Was a list issued giving the changed numbers for cards which weren't overstamped? I have not seen any reprinted versions of the overstamped cards.

Card 480 overstamped with the number 287

List of cards seen above 350 with amended number in brackets.

351 (253) Mannheim *
352 (254) Karlsruhe
356 (255) Baden-Baden *
363 (256) Saarbrücken
368 (260) Ludwigshafen
370 (264) Mainz
374 (265) Frankfurt A. M.
382 (266) Kassel
399 (267) Koblenz
402 (268) Aachen
404 (269) Köln
417 (270) Dortmund *
430 (272) Hannover
432 (275) Bückeburg
437 (276) Hameln
445 (277) Hamburg
448 (278) Lübeck
452 (285) Rostock *
468 (286) Küstrin
480 (287) Allenstein
485 (288) Königsberg

* Also seen with number uncorrected

Type 2a, album postage 30pf
Type 2b, album postage 40pf
Type 3, album postage 40pf
album 2 in preparation
Type 4, album 1 and 2

The set can be divided into four distinct sections. Cards 201-209 show various olympic medals and cards 241-249 show coats of arms of cities where previous olympic games were held. These cards appear to be known with only type 2a backs. The cards 210-240 show flags of the Wehrmacht. These appear to exist with both type 2b and type 3 backs. The cards 250-350 show coats of arms of German cities plus Tokyo where the 1940 olympics were due to be held. In general each card has only one type of back. However a small number have both 2b and 3 backs. The first 49 cards of the set (201-249) are slightly larger than the rest as if they were added later. My guess is that this set was originally planned as a set of town crests and was adapted to the Olympics later, although it's not really clear what Wehrmacht flags have to do with either.

Type 2a 201-209, 241-249
Type 2b 210-240
Type 3 210-240
Cards 250 - 350 are a mixture of backs 2b, 3 and 4. Each card has only one type of back except (insert numbers) which have both 2b and 3 backs.

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