Unter dem Banner des Friedens/ Unter dem Olympia-Banner, Album 1

Under the flag of peace/ Under the Olympic flag, Album 1

Winners medal

Issued by: Adria, Aurelia
Date of issue: 1936
No. in set: 200

This set was issued both by Adria and Aurelia and shows flags and arms of nations. The cards are of high quality, embossed with a varnish coat. It is common to find cards with slight creases emanating from the corners. This was caused by the embossing process and is not a sign of mis-handling.


Type 1, no album clause

Type 2a, album postage 30pf
Type 2b, album postage 40pf
Type 3, album postage 40pf
album 2 in preparation


The Aurelia set is titled "Unter dem Olympia Banner " (Under the Olympic banner) and the album "Staats Wappen und Flaggen" (National arms and flags). The album is divided into two parts, countries competing in the 1936 Olympic games and countries not competing. Presumably some countries changed their mind about participating after the set had been prepared as some cards which it would appear from the numbering should be among the non-participants have to be stuck in the album for the set in the participants section. It is not clear why an album about the Olympic games should contain countries not competing.

The Aurelia version has four different backs and there appear to be two versions of this set. One version is made up of half type 1 and half type 2a cards. The other version is made up of half type 2b and half type 3 cards as shown in the table below.

Set version 1 Type 1 Cards 1 - 100
Type 2a Cards 101 - 200
Set version 2 Type 2b Flags except as listed below
Type 3 Coats of arms plus flags listed below

Most of the flag cards are different in the two versions of the set. The flags themselves are the same but the borders are different. See the example below. A few of the flags have type 3 backs instead of type 2b. These flags are the same in the two versions of the set. So far I have seen seven of these (Nos. 105, 118, 139, 167, 175, 193, 197).



The Adria set appears to have only one type of back, and the fronts appear to be those of the version 2 Aurelia set. The Adria set is much rarer than the Aurelia one. I have seen thousands of the Aurelia cards but only about 30 of the Adria ones.

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