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ASS, München

The name of this company will doubtless cause endless amusement among American readers. However back in 1932 people hadn't thought about international marketing. Nowadays companies are more careful although such things can still trip up the unwary. For example in Germany there is a preparation containing aspirin and vitamin C. It is called ASS+C. I often wonder what English-speaking tourists think when they see this emblazoned on the side of a tram. But I am digressing.

Anyone wanting to collect Ass cards will have an easy task (providing that is you can actually find any at all) as the company only issued one set. This was a set called Weltkrieg 1914-18 (World War 1914-18). They must have been obsessed with World War 1 as the cigarettes were known as "14-18". It seems that the smoking public weren't so interested in WW1 as Ass apparently soon went out of business. This took place before they had even finished issuing the set as Köberich notes that afterwards Frau Maria Ziegelbaum of Munich continued to sell pictures and albums.

The pictures themselves are very interesting. They were all taken from the Bavarian War Archive in Munich and show 240 black and white historical pictures of various events during WW1. The introduction notes that a lot of so-called war pictures were actually posed. For this set, they tried to use only "real" pictures.

Name Year of issue No. in set Size (mm)
Weltkrieg 1914-18 1932 240 43x64

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