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Quite a few manufacturers issued "silks". Under this term I include pictures both printed and embroidered on any sort of cloth, embroideries with no backing and also lace issues. These are rarely collected, I believe mainly because with very few exceptions people don't realise what they are. There is usually nothing on a silk to identify it as being a collectable object. Sometimes an album was issued for a set and if one has that album with the silks stuck in then others can be identified by comparing them with the ones in the album. However in other cases, unless one is lucky enough to find a silk still in it's original packet then there is probably no way of identifying it. This section provides images of silks I have seen to help identify them. (Note, this assumes that I can identify them myself. If you have any information I would be very grateful).

Embroideries with backing.

Flags, crests etc.
Geometric patterns
Japanese scenes
Little red riding hood.

Embroideries with no backing.

"Art deco" garden objects (includes a few things that look like simple geometric patterns)
Geometric patterns

Printed on cloth


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