2010 Cartophilic Convention in Southport.

A Personal View of the Convention

by Peter Wright

Some people had expressed their doubts that our annual Convention and AGM so far from the softies in the South could ever be viable. In the event I believe it could be described as a resounding success. It was popular with members and public alike, and a great many came through the doors. I certainly had an excellent day both from the selling and buying points of view. An impressive number of dealers came, enough to fill the tables and cover our expenses for the rooms we used, and I heard no complaints from those that were there.

The organisation was impeccable, and I must add my congratulations to our formidable Convention Master, David Davis, who guided us all with a firm hand, and dealt apparently effortlessly with every situation. The designated officials and local helpers were invaluable, and carried on without blinking an eye when one key person failed to turn up, and two had to leave the scene due to illness. I’m glad to say that the news is that those people concerned are now well on the road to recovery. One unavoidable disappointment was created by the volcanic ash from Iceland, which had resulted in many flights being cancelled, so preventing many who had planned to come, in particular those we had expected from USA, Canada and New Zealand. One notable exception was Dennis Owyang, my table mate, who went through hell and high water in order to be on the first flight to arrive from North America after nearly two weeks of air chaos. He had to restrict his Chinese stock to one modest briefcase but was most welcome nonetheless.

I want to say special thanks to my wife Margaret, who not only drove most of the way down and back from Edinburgh in spite of my execrable directions, also ably carried cases, and looked after my stand for much of the time. I should not leave out the management and staff of the Ramada Hotel and the Centre, who could not be faulted. They were smart, polite and efficient, and were always in the right place at the right time. The ‘en suite’ cafe and bar were much appreciated. The town of Southport was a revelation, being clean, tidy and well provided with facilities. It was not a bad decision to omit the traditional communal Dinner for the Councillors and others. Many formed into convivial groups when the work was done and most managed to find really nice eateries and drinkeries within easy reach. In our own case we had the additional pleasure of touring parts of the Lake District and other attractions en route, and eventually returned home much rewarded and uplifted by the experience.


The Convention Centre....   ...in sunny Southport.
John Walton at reception .   Signing up a new member.
On auction duty.   Viewing the lots.
Life member George Hoare.   The top table.
Mike Heard   Paul Lynch
Peter Wright and Denis Owyang   Bernard Wickham


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