2009 Cartophilic Convention in Walton-on-Thames.

"Cigarette cards? amazeing!"  
The recent National Convention and AGM held at the Xcel Leisure Complex in Walton-on-Thames proved to be another winner, with thanks to all the help from the hosting branches, and in no small part to Robin Short our ‘convention supremo‘. The venue was well suited for the purpose, with plenty of well lit space and excellent catering provided. Although the attendance appeared fairly sparse at times, I heard no complaints from the dealers, or indeed the Members. On the Saturday at 2pm we congregated upstairs for the formalities. Official club business was dealt with quickly and smoothly, with the retiring President Derek Jenkins giving his last report in his customary expert manner. Honorary Life Memberships were presented to Martin Murray (50 years on the Council), William Croft (now aged 98), & Peter Farquhar (former Auction guru). The Cartophilic Cup was also awarded. John Devaney and Colin Mann were formally appointed to the Council, and the newly elected President John Walton was warmly welcomed to his post.


The Xcel leisure complex....   ...in historic Walton-on-Thames.
Welcome to the convention.   The hall.
The AGM.
The President gives his departing speech.   Martin Murray receives his life memberhip certificate.
Peter Farquhar receives his life memberhip certificate.   Bill Croft receives his life memberhip certificate.
Jim Lightstone collects the Cartophilic Cup
on behalf of Tony Walkley.
  The auction lots.
Cartophilic moments.
Queueing to get in.   The tempting view from the outside.
The reference book ladies.   Murraycards latest accessory.
The oldest and youngest member.   John Walton, the new president poses with
Jessica and Max Traeger, the great, great
grand-children of Alfred Cohen.


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