2005 Cartophilic Convention in Scarborough.

"A very happy convention with no real hassle" was the verdict of our Convention Organiser Robin Short on this year's event at Scarborough. This was echoed by David Benson, the tireless organiser of the Yorkshire branch efforts both before and during the event. He enthused: "We had a wonderful time and the atmosphere in the halls was very happy."

Almost everyone was agreed that the venue itself was superb. Attendances overall were slightly down but this is to be expected when almost two thirds of the Society's membership is in the south. It is after all missionary work and thanks to the tremendous publicity efforts by the branch, plus the society's new banner hanging over the busy town centre French market and the wealth of free publicity in the local media we certainly achieved that.

The Yorkshire branch members ( 22 of them!) manned the non-members stall. As well as taking £350 on the door they let in a lot of non-collectors for nothing and David estimated the total number of visitors at 250. "We hope to get a few new members out of it," said David.

BBC Radio York came along and carried out a series of interviews while the  big selling Yorkshire Post carried almost a whole page story with pictures. The Scarborough Evening News carried big stories both before and afterwards. Most of the money changed hands on the Friday and this appears to now be the pattern with quieter trading on Saturday. Despite earlier misgivings in some quarters Robin believes that when Yorkshire's turn comes round again we should certainly go back to Scarborough.

Many collectors took the opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful resort. Most dealers enjoyed themselves. Indeed one of the fiercest critics in previous years congratulated Robin on this year's organisation! There were only a few minor hiccups and sadly some light fingered person made off with a dealer's album. These people seem to forever be amongst us and the society will continue its zero tolerance policy when they are caught.

The annual meeting itself was one of the shortest for years at 37 minute, reflecting the general happy mood. I left the auction when I saw how it was going -£680 for a rare Taddy card! Earlier the Card Times sponsored golf tournament had proved such a success that it will be repeated next year at Nottingham. Robin is already preparing for our return to the Harvey Hadden Centre. See you there!

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Welcome to the convention!   General view of the main hall.
A brisk trade in reference books.   Card Times generously presented a trophy for the newly-inaugurated Card Times Golf Challenge.
The President, Derek Jenkins presents his report at the AGM   The branch representatives line up to make their reports.
Auction lots on display .   How much am I bid for this .. er.. bar of chocolate?
Some of the other tables:
David Grimes was visiting from the USA .   Deep down in the Card Mine.
    Down the posh end.
The language of tea.    


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